WhatsApp on Android will soon allow you pin chats

Our world today is a soft world, many of us have our individual covers to Falz’s soft work. It is not like our generation has gotten more lazy, it just that we are no longer strong enough to take undue stress. In face of handsome technological advancement, no one wants to sort through a shelf of files, in the same vein we are getting reluctant scrolling through ours chats every time to pick out the important ones. Well, this will be changing now especially on WhatsApp which could be bringing up pinned chats.

So when you get to pin your chats, you no longer have to go through the stress of finding these very chats on WhatsApp through a crowd of messages. This way pinning a particular chat ensures that the chat will always appear at the top of the list of your chats all the time. You no longer have to stress yourself sorting the message out from the bunch. That is soft life!

On the behalf of the WhatsApp user community, we can’t wait for this feature. At present this feature is up for you to enjoy on the beta version (2.17.162 or 163) of WhatsApp. Here you can pin at most three chats. WhatsApp will however show you an error prompt when you try to add a fourth chat.

When this eventually graduates from the beta into the real one available for all countries, I would readily pin my mom’s chats. Students wouldn’t mind pinning my parent’s chats towards the end of the month based on “allowee reimbursement!

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