Google is hiring HTC’s best phone engineers for $1.1 billion

Google is going into joint business with HTC. With this arrangement in place, Google would be bringing on board top talents from HTC. For some time now, then rumors have been afloat that Google has been in talks with HTC over an acquisition. But as it rather turned around, it is a wholly different arrangement.

Official statement coming from Google reveals that Google has

“signed an agreement with HTC, a leader in consumer electronics, [to hire] a team of HTC talent [to] join Google as part of the hardware organization. These future fellow Googlers are amazing folks we’ve already been working with closely on the Pixel smartphone line, and we’re excited to see what we can do together as one team. The deal also includes a non-exclusive license for HTC intellectual property.”

The announcement which was released by the chief of Google’s nascent hardware division, Rick Osterloh acknowledges that Google has been in close communion with HTC with a productive relationship that traces as far the beginning days of Android. This arrangement substantiates the prospects of HTC producing Pixel 2 for Google later this year. Google is going to be enhanced with 2,000 top HTC staffs to up its productive arm.

“It’s still early days for Google’s hardware business. We’re focused on building our core capabilities, while creating a portfolio of products that offers people a unique yet delightful experience only made possible by bringing together the best of Google software—like the Google Assistant—with thoughtfully designed hardware. HTC has been a longtime partner and has created some of the most beautiful, high-end devices on the market. We can’t wait to welcome members of the HTC team to join us on this journey.”

The deals is still not public as to the financial details. But from the bit that has surfaced, it is going to run into billions of dollars. Some five years ago, Google had paid $12.5 billion for Motorolla.

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