Google Chrome will soon allow you permanently mute websites

The team responsible for the creation of Google chrome for computers are working their hands on a fresh feature. If this feature eventually pans out into reality, users of desktop Google Chrome will be able to mute any website they desire eternally. The design responsible for this potential feature is being tested at present in Chrome’s most innovative branch in Canary.


How is it going to look like? Immediately you mute a domain, it will remain permanently muted till you change it from being muted. This is very different from how we know muting to work in other Chrome’s channels which are currently more stable. With this new feature, you will be able to mute websites on a tab by tab basis. Once you close the browser or the tab, it is cancelled.

This is surely going to be a relieving feature for the likes who are easily put off by autoplaying videos. In the situation where the Chrome designers (making this feature) decide to extend this feature to Chrome’s other stable branch, then we could see this feature coming out possibly in months from now. However if you can’t wait – being the adventurous type, you can try your audacity at installing Chrome Canary and give the flex your hands impatiently on the muting feature.




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