Google Chrome 76 beta makes it harder to use Flash, easier to dodge paywalls

Reports that have reached us from our sources tell us that Google has another trick up their sleeve in connection to the browser Google Chrome. The last major feature that Google added to its browser, Chrome, was a dark mode in the Chrome version 73, version 74 and Chrome version 75 and it, if we’re being honest is not that big of a deal. Nevertheless, the Chrome version 76 that is currently in its beta version has a few features that all Chrome users and general internet user should look out for and a few of them are mentioned in this article.

Adobe Flash has been killed in the literal sense for many years now and many major browsers out there have blocked it, but it will take till the coming year before it will fully not function. However what the version 76 of Google Chrome has done is make a further advancement in that aspect, Chrome not only blocked individual Flash items by default, it also made it that the browser feature in its entirety is off by default. If you open the beta Chrome 76 version and go over to chrome://settings/content/flash, you will find that the “Ask First” setting that’s meant to be there is flipped off rather on.

Another upgrade that was made to the Chrome 76 beta version that is not all too noticeable is that websites will no longer will not be able to detect when your Chrome browser is in incognito mode anymore, as stated by Google Chrome developer, Paul Irish. This will without any doubt prove difficult to publishing firms like say The Daily Sun, Wall Street Journal, and even The New York Times whose ability to detect when a browser is in incognito mode and use that to prevent people from reading about an enormous amount of free stories thereby having to get people to pay to subscribe before gaining access to read those stories.

The Dark Mode on the beta version has also been tweaked a little bit in such a way that allows web developers to program their sites to produce a dark version of their website when it sees their Dark Mode browser and all they have to do is add a little bit of code.

According to the report that we obtained from our sources, the stable version of the Chrome 76 will be released on the 30th of July, this year.

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