Google bringing Usain Bolt on iOS: Accelerated Mobile Pages arrives in Google’s app for iOS

In a modern age like ours, speed is of the essence. Slow and steady as a working proverb has been relegated to the dustbins of history. Even the tortoise now knows that all its wisdom without speed is as good as expecting a Jacuzzi in Sahara Desert!

Google bringing Usain Bolt on iOS: Accelerated Mobile Pages arrives in Google's app for iOS

Google shares this knowledge hence its most recent version of the Google app for iOS (it is now ready in the iTunes App Store) has all its emphasis on speed. The jolly app now beats its former edition with such gasping margin of speed on iPhones and iPads alike. Opening the app and then searching, you can easily come to the evident reality that everything loads at such a dashing pace as compared to before. Google is so proud of this improvement that it boasts this its app’s users will save a total of 6.5 million hours this year. Pretty amazing!

It is now very possible to access Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) inside the Google app for iOS. The sumptuous implication of this is that reaching certain content on the web will now take far less time as well. The reason being that news articles from many publishers load instantly owing to the presence of AMP. The AMP-enhanced posts are renowned for loading with such intimidating speed. And then AMP branding next to them when you are in the Top Stories section of the search results, introducing so much ease into recognizing them.

And at last, it is now within your reach to instantly enjoy sports highlights videos right in your Google Now cards. How it works is a large Play button will be featured on the cards which bear sports highlights, so all you need do is tap that and then at once the video loads up instantaneously.


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