Fuji music master King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall turns 62

Social media networks for a long time have provided a platform for a lot of individuals who have something to celebrate, say a birthday or even a marriage. This is usual for the common people, nonetheless, celebrities are not left out of the picture when it comes to such things either. Around last week, a certain legendary star in the Nigerian music industry added a new year to his age and his friends and members of his family came out to celebrate him and the whole thing was well represented on social media.

The famous fuji star by the name of King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall shared a video on his page on Instagram of his friends and family members in their jolly mood as they celebrated him during his birthday.

From what we saw on the video, the musical genius was seen sitting among his friends, family, and well-wishers during the occasion and watching as two music players played various kinds of music with their instruments.

The video that was posted by the music star was posted with a caption in which he wished himself a happy birthday. Besides that, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall thanked and praised God for the opportunity to see another year in life.

The caption which he put on the video specifically stated: “Glory be to God Almighty, Happy birthday to me….Ade Ori Okin”

As soon as the video was posted on Instagram, his followers on the social media platform posted their own comments in the comment section beneath his post, each one of them showing how happy they were for him and congratulating him.

Below are some of the posts we gathered:

adeleke9620: Happy birthday to you sir, igba odun ojo kan ni sir….ninu alaafia to pe iye. NI ORUKO JESU OLUWA WA AMIN..

shakers_of_on: Bobo no go die or else t’oba d’arugbo…. congratulations sir! Many happy returns

omowonuwealth: Happy birthday to you sir wullnp may you live long in good health and sound mind age gracefully igba odun iseju kan ni av fun sir

babalolaabi: God bless ur new age king of Fuji

oneyberry_k: Happy birthday papa mi

gbadamosianot: Ķ1 the king himself , may your days be long sir , warafanahu monkana aliya Ameen

ola_nottz: Happy birthday Omo Ojusagbola. God bless your new age in more riches and good health

Olasunkanmi Wasiu Ayinde Marshall who is known commonly as K1 De Ultimate or Igi Jegede was born on the 3rd of March, 1957. He found out he had an interest in music at the age of 8. His parents at first were against his choice to go into music just llike any typical Nigerian parent but it did not deter him from his passion and when he was 15, he had already been winning different music contests.

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