Actress Fortune Marshal: My ex-husband used charms to marry me

Life’s experiences tend to teach us a lot and we all have no choice but to learn whatever we are taught so as to not make the same mistakes over again when we get confronted by the very same challenges or situations. This is the case of many Nigerian celebrities whose experiences in life has taught them to lose trust in their fellowman as well as certain institutions that have been established in society like marriages as there are a lot of failed marriages especially among Nollywood stars.

One of the stars of the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, by the name of Fortune Marshal in an interview with our sources told us that her marriage to her ex-husband was only possible because the said husband allegedly made use of charms (diabolic means) to get her to marry him. She even said that her said husband abused her, beats her up most of the time.

Fortune Marshal seems to have learnt from life the hard and one can even from her story say that life has dealt with her the hard way when it comes to relationships and marriage.

To be said explicitly the Ghanaian/Jamaican actress who is based in Nigeria and a single mother of two children had this to say:

 “I started acting since 2008 in Ghana. I came to Nigeria in 2009 and joined the industry in 2010. I was a product of domestic violence. I dropped out of the university in my second year due to financial difficulties.

“It was also the year I got pregnant for the man who got me through voodoo (charms). Life wasn’t easy for me then. I had to do odd jobs to cater for myself because the man wasn’t helping but rather abusing me physically and emotionally.

“I was under his spell until God saved me from him. We had two kids; he took them from me; for many years I didn’t see them until two years ago. I went and took the younger one in his absence.

“I have one son with me presently. For now, I don’t want to think about re-marriage, I just want to focus on my career, myself and my son, because we need a lot of catching up to do. Maybe after that, I will give my heart another chance to love.”

In addition, she said that if in any case she is to consider a serious relationship ever again, she would be doing that with somebody who has the same values and visions as she does.

She again had this to say: “Most times I tell ladies, there is nothing like Mr. Right, when you share the same value and vision with a man, then you are compatible.”

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