Yvonne Okoro proudly shares weight loss photo on social media and she looks beautiful

Nigerian actress by the name of Yvonne Okoro not too long ago posted a very attractive photo of herself and from the photo, it looked she had gotten slimmer than she usually was.

Another photo that was shared showed with all indication that the actress looked cheerful as she had lost a few pounds, 15kg to be exact and she even spoke to our sources revealing that she will in no time begin to be seen by people in a swim suit.

The photo that was shared by the Nollywood actress after it had been posted was noticed by her fans on social media and a lot of them reacted to the photo saying all wonderful things to say about the actress’ new look. Many of the actress’ fans posted in the comment section about how they felt seeing the photo of the screen diva.

According to our sources, Yvonne Okoro revealed to her fans that she was excited of having made progress on losing some weight as she gave a detailed description of where she began and where she is now in her work towards transforming her body.

Our sources also came across a post she made on Instagram saying “…Started at 88kg now 76kg after about a month and some change..12kg gone ..Bye Felicia..So proud of myself..4kg to Go..Thanks to @skinfidence_gh for helping lose all that fat”.

The reason for all of this stems from a photo the star Nollywood actress had taken last year, 2018 at the Miss Universe event that brought a stern shock to most of her fans and general Nollywood lovers on social media. The photo showed that Yvonne Okoro had tremendously gained a lot of weight.

Because of the increase in her weight at the time, certain rumours started going around that the screen diva was pregnant since weight gain in women is usually affiliated with pregnancy. But after some time it was confirmed that the actress was not pregnant at all.

As we have seen from her photos, there is a graphical backup to the fact that star actress Yvonne Okoro is 12 kilograms slimmer as she had said and she also added that she feels absolutely wonderful about it and she is also hoping to lose more weight in the near future so as to be fit.

Below are some of the comments our sources obtained from social media regarding the photo:

@wumpiniabdulkadir greeted her saying: “I salute you.”

@kataramoes1 in his comment stated: “Looking nice.”

@humble_boy33 remarked: “Always looking outstanding.”

@abeiku_bright pointed out: “U look cute.”

In other news, our sources also gave us some reports regarding actress Yvonne Okoro’s love life saying that she is currently in a relationship however she has a preference for keeping her dating life a secret at least for now.

In exact contrast to rumours that are suggestive of her being single, Yvonne Okoro said that she was not. Further strengthening her claim to be dating someone but she doesn’t yet want anyone to know who the man is and she decides to conceal his identity for a little while.


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