10 Free Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You have created your blog and now waiting for people to read it. Then you are not updated my friend. In this world of search engine optimization when all companies websites and blogs are putting so much of efforts to rank their page high, you will end up no where. You have to be aware of various techniques to bring people to read what you write.


1. Commenting

Make people aware that you are existing. Blog commenting is very useful technique for search engine to recognize your blog. Always use same name while putting relevant comments. Never forget to mention your blog URL with the comments. Your comment should be useful and relevant to the stuffs on your web page.

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2. Maintain post intervals

Updating new posts at regular intervals leads to attracting more traffic. It is a way to divert or attract attention of search engines towards your blog. Writing post with search engine aspects can bring more traffic to your blog.

3. Guest posting

Being a guest blogger to other blogs which are having more traffic than yours is a way of creating back linking. Generating traffic and getting attention from an established blog will be very helpful. If people get attracted to your writing and material you provide you will have a permanent database of visitors.

4. Forum Participation

Become an active member in the forums related to your blog niche. Include the link to your blog in the signature of the forums. Keep contributing for bringing continuous traffic to your blog.

5. Social Media

Use all the possible options social media sites are offering to make your blog popular. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can get maximum traffic. Use social bookmarking sites such stumbleupon, reddit and digg to make it best.

6. Give Link to Other Bloggers

You can mention about other blogs or content from other website with a link to it on your blog. If the blogs have trackbacks feature in their blogging software, you will get a link to your blog. The particular website will have blog statistic reports which will show links coming from your blog. In this way, you will be known to other blogs and search engines.

7. URL signature

You can’t be shy if you are a blogger. You have to beat your own trumpet. So include links to your blog in your business cards and your digital signature. You can try it everywhere your creative takes you.

8. Blog contest

Use that curiosity factor inculcated in humans. By announcing Blog contests, related to your niche and put your details on contest websites to gain traffic from other sources. Contests in a way are promotional tools.

9. Blog Carnivals

Blog carnival is a carnival of bloggers and posts that is conducted related to a particular niche, just like real carnivals. Blog carnivals have been around the blogosphere for some time. They are one of the ways content is curated on the Internet. In addition to curation, carnivals showcase the best of content in a particular area, and provide status and traffic to contributors’ own websites and blogs. Take part in such carnivals and be sure to get more traffic from it.

10. Interlinking of blogs and websites

The more blogs or websites that you write, the more interlinking is possible. Write for maximum blogs and websites, in a way you are creating a web for your blog which will keep you noticed in search engine and visitors.

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Just keep on implementing all these techniques and reap the benefits of maximum traffic.

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