Entry of Windows 9, Exit of Windows 8

Microsoft launched Windows 8 in order to make the Windows 7 a new companion and an upgrade for the users. The company made very significant changes and features in the operating system which made it to overcome the problems and gave a boost in the using experience of the operating system. Though the new operating system was cool to use as it was new and good at using and working, it still had some lacking and problems. Efforts were made to overcome and solve the problems in the update of Windows 8 which is Windows 8.1.

Update: It’s Windows 10, not Windows 9.

windows 9

There are some leaked news and images which are prevalent in the internet nowadays about the new operating system of the company which is named Windows 9. The leaked news and images have showcased, how the new operating system will look and appear to the people. The company has removed the charms bar of Windows 8  as it was the biggest problem faced by the users while using them.

There are some similarities between the new and previous operating system which is the existence of virtual desktop and metro-style additions which will remind you of Windows 8. The makers and designers of the operating system have laid their emphasis on creating the best for the desktop and laptop users. They have tried to completely wipe up the negatives of windows 8 and jump to a complete new Windows 9 OS, with added features and user compatible mode. The uncomfortable user interface is completely tried to be avoided in Windows 9 like bringing the start button back alive which was lacking in the previous versions.


The main problems of Windows 8 were tried to remove in the update of the OS Windows 8.1 as to change the mixed reviews from the people, but with the partially numbered update the company fail to lure the people and change their view on the operating system. Microsoft seems to have realized that the previous operating systems have less compatibility for the desktop and laptop users which is to be compensated and cleared in the new operating system. The company has tried to make the look and design of the new OS as lucrative and attractive as possible for the people as they feel to use Windows XP and Windows 7 rather than upgrading to Windows 8.

Microsoft is set to remove the stains and negative impacts made by the past operating system and create a new, positive mark on the minds of its users. Windows 9 is expected to come out in the market in April 2015 after two years of the release of Windows 8. There is an expectation of an update of Windows 8 in the upcoming months of 2014 which might be Windows 8.1 update 2 or Windows 8.2.

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