Did you know Apple sold an amazing 6 million Apple Watches last quarter?

If you remember some time ago Tim Cook who occupies the position of Apple chief executive said that sales Apple recorded for the Apple Watch over the last quarter had spiraled into a new record breaking figure. He didn’t really divulge more details for us than that “the holiday demand was so strong we couldn’t make enough.” Now it seems we now clearly know the figures, dragging from a report published of late by the reputable Canalys, it is very possible. Apple had amassed a mind blowing record performance of 6 million units sales of Apple wristwatches. This swells into a delicious revenue of $2.6 billion for Apple. In fact, this figure practically accounts for almost 80% of the whole number of smart watches sold last quarter.

Delving further into the report, Canalys notes that Apple recorded about 6 million units last quarter, this would amount into a year to year growth of 12%. Overall, Canalys nails its estimates for watches Apple sold last year at 11.9 million accounting for 49% of the market share for last year.

With the figures at that, it would honorably enthrone Apple at the helm of the smartwatch market by a very notable distance. Trailing Apple (however not close) for last year is Samsung and Fitbit. Samsung holds 17% of the market while Fitbit holds 15%. The remaining 19% is held by the remaining 19%. Kudos to Apple.

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