Love in the air: Snapchat will be launching a reality show where exes try to uncover what broke them up

Snapchat is going an emotional length to know why relationships failed. How will Snapchat be doing this? Yes, Snapchat according to the reports we have gathered is planning to launch a reality show where ex lovers who had failed relationships would come together and brush through the reasons why their relationship didn’t make it. The name of this reality show will be Second Chance.

This sounds really nice as aside the educative side where lovers would learn the potholes to avoid in their relationship, it is a chance for ex lovers to search through the remnants of their relationship and what actually sparked the failure.

According to the reports, this reality show being produced by Snapchat would last for two months. If you remember some time ago, Snapchat has also produced Literally Can’t Even, a scripted series. And just some days ago, Snapchat had announced that it would be rolling episodes of Planet Earth II exclusively to Snapchat.

For now we have not really known the premiere date of this Second Chance reality show.

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