How could the next iPhone look like: No Home buttons?

The iPhone is always bribing our interest with something fresh. Apple has a culture of wobbling up things to keep them fresh. So when the next iPhone comes what could we be possibly expecting?

It is becoming very possible the upcoming iPhone will not have the famous home button neither will it have have the Touch ID. Reports reaching us suggest that Apple may ditch its previous customary designs in favor of something like virtual buttons that may also include edge to edge design.

With this new design possibly in place, how will your iPhone look like? Something like this: a 5.8-inch OLED scree (with dimensions of 2800×1242). But this time the 5.15-inch useful screen size as well as the remaining part of the screen will be deployed in a virtual capacity as Touch buttons at the bottom. It is even possible that this new iPhone design may come with something like biometric technologies which will now take over from the fingerprint recognition technology the iPhone is using at the moment.

The design at the end may have resemblance (pertaining to footprint) as the 4.7-inch TFT-LED iPhone which we have at present in the iPhone 7 and then battery life quite similar to what you have at present in he iPhone 7 Plus.

Should this design come to reality, will you forgive Apple for dismissing your well acquainted home button from the iPhone?

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