Chrome, now supporting Windows 10’s notifications

For many years, Google has always supported push notifications, however, the tech giant has also only made use of its own system in Windows 10.

Now, according to the reports reaching us from our sources, Google has updated its browser, the Google Chrome for Windows this past week in support of the native notification centre that is within the Windows 10. The new support for the notification centre for many months was being tested by Google to make the Windows 10 Action Centre (notification centre) get Google Chrome notifications and now users will be able to find Google Chrome notifications right in the Windows 10 notification centre. At the moment, the software giant is having this support being rolled out to about 50 percent of the Chrome 68 users and the company plans to make it the default for most of the users in the future.

Google Chrome notifications will now be made compatible to the Windows 10 Focus Assist feature whose purpose is to mute notifications when a user is running a game or when the user has activated a do-not-disturb mode. Given that it has taken a long time to get a native Windows 10 notification support for Google Chrome, users of Windows will have no choice but to wait on Google to support the latest Microsoft Timeline feature. For those who have not yet seen the new notification support in Google Chrome yet, know that it can be enabled manually. Head to chrome://flags and then turn “native notifications” on to enable.

Web apps such as Google Play Music, can also make use of these notifications to provide information.

Google Chrome also has support for toast notifications which allows users to be up-to-date with notifications, be that as it may, users will not be able to interact or perform any tasks with them yet.

At the moment, Chrome is the most popular desktop web browser having more than 60 percent of the market share in spite of the provision of Microsoft Edge as the default app in Windows 10.

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