Google Chrome on Android to cache news articles on Wi-Fi for offline reading

When it comes to markets that are just uprising and for that reason have to buy data via prepaid SIM cards or other means with limited data plans, it can be a bit of a bugger to read through news articles because the network connection will be slow and full of continual interruptions. As a result of this, Google announced that Google Chrome on Android will be provided with a new feature that will have the ability to download any important news article automatically when it is connected to Wi-Fi and this should aid in creating cache articles for offline reading.

Before this time, any individual had the ability to download articles with the use of third-party apps or they could on the other hand choose to save a page offline. The only problem with the processes mentioned above is that, users would have to on their own select the articles that they intend to save. However, the update that was recently released automatically downloads articles that have been suggested to you based on your interests and location.

The downside to these cached articles is that they were cached by Google and as such they may not be the exact thing you would want to read about. Be that as it may, it could prove to be a lot of help for users who want get offline views of news articles while having a conversation or when waiting in an area where connection to the internet is weak.

Google’s plan according to the reports that we got from our sources is to release this new update to markets that are still on the rise and have inadequate access to data. The feature is going to be provided to about a hundred countries and that includes, India, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Brazil. The feature will also prove useful to people who have a limited data plan. In the meantime, we have reached out to Google to provide us with more information regarding more markets the feature may be rolled out to.

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