Facebook’s latest Messenger update for iOS is crashing app

Users and fans of the Facebook messaging platform would be wise to steer clear of installing the update that Facebook rolled out for the Facebook Messenger on iOS. A lot of individuals who had installed the app already, found out that the app seems to be crashing on a per time basis after they have updated it. One of our sources mentioned that the app opens on his device alright at first, but then if he switches to another app and then return to the Messenger, the app fades and then finally, it crashes to the home screen of the iPhone. For some other people, the app crashes even if all they did is tap on notifications.

Word has gotten to us from our sources that Facebook has been notified of the problem and another source had a chat with a spokesperson of the company and provided us with information that the company is working to develop an update for the update that is defective. This new released update that is affected by a bug is called version 170.0 and a fix version called version 170.1 has been made available to Apple by Facebook. In order to easily recognize the version, all you have to do is tap “more” in the updates tab of the Apple App Store.

One thing must be made clear, and that is the fact that the app is not completely broken. If you want to, you can still be able to chat with friends and family members if after the crash, the app is still able to open successfully. The bug affecting this app must be a sneaky one because if not, it shouldn’t have been a problem for the developer’s team of Facebook to identify and notify the company about the bug before the release of the update. Even though companies that specialize in tech are trying to help individuals bring to a reduced rate, the amount of time spent on phones and social media, but this certainly does not seem like a good step in that direction.

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