Spectacles’ latest update optimizes videos for sharing beyond Snapchat

The camera-equipped Spectacles produced by Snapchat has been updated in such a way as that it provides users with the ability to export video in a non-circular format. The personal view a lot of people have is that this happens to be a big change in the direction Snapchat wants to lead its glasses.

The company at first released the sunglasses called Spectacles with the idea that the circular format gave users the ability to rotate their phone while in Snapchat in order that they may view more of a particular scene. As long as the recorded video was kept circular in the export process, the video’s appeal was limited on other platforms like Facebook-owned Instagram. The idea behind this is to enhance this experience solely on Snapchat, in other words, no other social media network will be able to utilize the feature. However, users now have the ability to export their videos in a square or “widescreen” format. In the case of non-circular shots, it appears as if Snap only zooms in on the original circular footage.

The update will be rolling out in Snapchat for both iOS and Android and it will be available on the two versions of the glasses. Although as our sources have reported, it may take some time before the update reaches any phone.

This is a big move on the part of Snap in making Spectacles more interesting. In comparison to Instagram, Snapchat is still fighting to grow, Snap appears as though it is giving way to permitting its content to travel across various platforms in an attempt to increase the sales of hardware. The update also enables the upload of the video footage on YouTube. Looking at it generally, the ability to share the very same content on various platforms is something that is worth applause even though there is a possibility that Snap is not entirely happy with updating its glasses. It so happens to be a feature of good quality.

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