Blogger Blogs Redirection To Country Specific Domains Solution

Google now redirects Blogger blogs to country-specific domains. For instance if you’re browsing a blog from India, you will be redirected from to and if you open the same blog from Brazil, it will be redirected to


Why Google redirects Blogger Blogs to Country Specific Domains?

The main reason why Google is redirecting to country-specific domains is selective censorship so that they can easily block a blog or selected pages on a blog in one country while they serve it other countries.

Countries Affected by the Country Specific Redirection.

A report from Google suggests that country-specific redirection for Blogger is now live presently in 15 countries. Below is a complete list of the affected countries:

1. Argentina []
2. Australia []
3. Brazil []
4. Canada []
5. France []
6. Germany []
7. India []
8. Italy []
9. Japan []
10. Mexico []
11. New Zealand []
12. Portugal []
13. Spain []
14. Sweden []
15. UK []

More countries may be included in the future.

Disadvantages of Country Specific Redirection

There are many disadvantages with country-specific domain redirection. Below are some lists of disadvantages:
1. Social stats will be affected i.e. if your blog ( has 100 tweets or Facebook like, now if an internet users access your blog from Brazil, the user will be redirected to, and this will affect your tweets and Facebook like stats.

2. SEO will be affected i.e. the number of backlinks will be difference for each of the country-specific domains and it will definitely leak your blog page rank and make you lose search traffic.

3. If you’re using an external commenting platform on your blog like Facebook or Disqus comments system, your comment count will be affected.

How to stop Country Specific Redirection?

If you are not pleased with the idea of Google redirecting you blog to another URL, you can stop it by applying a JavaScript code on your blog template. This JavaScript code will stop the redirection to the country-specific domains i.e. it will serve your blog visitors with the .com address irrespective of the country they are accessing your blog from.

Steps to Place the JavaScript Code
1. Go to your Blog Dashboard
2. Choose Template and Click on the EDIT HTML button
3. Then click on proceed, then search for tag, then copy and paste the code below after it.

Now click on the Save Template button. Your Blogger blog will no longer be redirected to any country-specific domain provided you followed the steps outlined above.

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