How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Conversations

 WhatsApp is a great communication application used by several millions of people worldwide. After using WhatsApp for a while, you might felt like backing up your conversations to keep them safe and retrieve them when your phone is lost, stolen or some kind of freaking things happened to your phone and make WhatsApp lose your conversations/messages.


Backing up your conversations on WhatsApp isn’t a big deal, the developers of the app have made this easy. This post will explain how you can do it yourself without any hassle. Before I begin the steps to backup your conversations on WhatsApp, you have to understand that the app usually do the backup automatically. However, if the backup files still remain on your smartphone, you would not be able to retrieve them back in case any of the issues listed above happened. The purpose of this tutorial is to save the backup files on your PC/Thumb Drive/Cloud Storage and restore them whenever you need.

Before you proceed, check:

Steps to Backup WhatsApp Conversations

  1. Open your WhatsApp

  2. Go to Settings >> Chat Settings >> Backup Chat Conversations.

After backing up the conversations, connect your smartphone to your PC via USB, head over to the WhatsApp / Databases folder to access all the backup files saved with the date they were backed up. The file with the latest date is the most current file which you can copy and paste on your PC/Thumb Drive/Cloud Storage.

To restore your conversations, all you have to do it to copy the files you earlier saved on your PC/Thumb Drive/Cloud Storage to the WhatsApp / Databases folder.

With the simple processes outlined above, you should be able to backup and restore your WhatsApp conversations without any ado.

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