You and Your Credit/Debit Card

Credit/Debit card is now becoming important both online and offline. Hardly will you make a transaction online without having one. As a matter of fact, I see so many people dangling their credit/debit card everywhere even when they have money on it.

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I’m so strict with my credit and debit cards that I don’t even give it to people to withdraw for me from ATM machines nor expose it to strangers.

Seeing that most people don’t understand that their cards can be used for online transactions without their consent, so I want to share the things you should be aware of about your credit card.

Before you proceed, check:

There are only 4 things needed by swindlers to siphon the money in the bank account linked with your Credit/Debit card. They are: Credit Card Number, CVV, expiry date and name on card.

  1. Credit/Debit Card Number – I read a story online sometimes ago on how someone was able to hack a blogger hosting account with his credit card number. Although you may not be a blogger nor conversant with making transactions online, but if your credit/debit card number is known, you may be at risk of losing the money.

  2. Card CVV – this is the 3 digits at the back of your credit/debit card. It’s important you keep them safe.

  3. Name on Card – this is the name inscribed on your credit/debit card. You must endeavour to keep your cards away from strangers.

  4. Expiry date – the expiring date of your card in conjunction with (1-3) above are all the things required to spend the money on your debit or credit card online. Keep them all safe.

The 4 things listed above can cost you the money in your bank account if you are careless with your card. So If your money is important to you, then you should keep your card safe. Don’t give your card to a stranger. However, there are many more security tips to keep your credit card safe, but with the ones listed above, you should be safe.

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