Airtel Unlimited Blackberry Plans Finally Stopped Working?

Updated: April 25, 2014

Airtel is now back for Good. Is like they have stopped charging ‘crazy’ data. The only problem is that they have reduced the data cap. The N1,500 unlimited BB plan that use to be 2gb has been reduced to 1.5gb.

You can now check your data balance using *123*9#

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Published: March 19, 2014

Some times last year, I made a publication that Airtel Blackberry Internet Subscriptions (BIS) would stop working on non-BB devices as from 3rd of December2013. Although Airtel sent a message regarding that to all its subscribers. But we later discovered that the BIS doesn’t stop working on non-BB devices as earlier announced.


Some weeks ago, I just noticed Airtel Unlimited Blackberry plans stopped going. Some unlucky subscribers that tried activating the plans reported that their money were deducted but nothing showed forth.

However, not all Airtel BIS stop working, it’s only the Airtel Unlimited BB Plans.

Airtel Blackberry Complete and Social Plans still work very well on non-bb devices.

I’m therefore using this medium to inform all readers and visitors that they should desist from subscribing to Airtel Unlimited Blackberry plans for now.

I will keep updating this tread incase the plan bounce back to work.

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