Apple Music to go monochrome and get lyrics support

So a lot of us listen to music daily; some of us like to carry our music with us while others don’t  really mind how they get their groove on. If you’re one of the former, you definitely have a preferred music player and for some it’s Apple music – like me(though I won’t say it’s PREFERRED). It is a nice player for something in beta but I do have other options and preferences. But this isn’t about me(scolds self); it’s about Apple music and the monochrome thing they got going on – or about to get going on.


Apple reportedly wants to switch from the current colorful theme that Apple music has going on to something more retro with larger album art; considering the fact that the album art is currently large, I don’t quite know how large they plan to make it. This looks pretty large enough; I’ll say


Anyways, all this is meant to be unveiled at the WWDC event in June this year. The reports also say the plan to replace the “New” tab with browse which they promise will be more organized. Apple is working with the artistes to provide lyrics for their songs and sync it seamlessly; similar to musixmatch and the likes. It is also important that no streaming service offers this right now. Spotify does show lyrics but just on desktop even though it is synced.

Speaking of desktop users, you are not left out of Apple’s plans as they intend to release an update in 2017 for OS X users. All these and more will be announced at the WWDC event; so do look forward to it – cos I am. Event though I might not be there live, I’ll be sure to live-stream; if you’d like to join me, indicate via the comment section and I’ll give detailed tutorials. It’s kinda a reprieve for Apple considering the fact that they’ve had it worse than most this year.

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