Opera Nearing Six Packs: brings on native ad-blocking to its mobile and desktop browsers

Opera has been in the gym for some time, sweating it out trying to remain seductive to users. This as Safari, internet explorers are boasting sufficient carpentry to nail opera to its coffin and hurl it six feets below the world of mobile browsing. If you allow us take a small keke trip down your memory lane, you will remember that some time at the beginning of this year, Opera made the official introduction of a built-in ad blocking mechanism for the developer edition of its browser. At the moment, Opera is unleashing this very feature on its basic software which is definitely compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.

Opera Nearing Six Packs:  brings on native ad-blocking  to its mobile and desktop browsers

The company is boldly asserting that native ad-blocking brings in the advantage of improved pace of web browsing even more than a third-party ad blocker or add-on. This now cutting down on RAM consumption as well. The deactivation of the native ad blocker is carried out by the default in the browser. But users now have the option of turning it on by navigating their way to the Preferences or Settings menu. The company has equally made a release of the tool which gives users the functionality of making a comparison of loading speed of some selected sites without ads and also with ads.

Definitiveky, Opera happens not to be the sole company making use of ad-blocking as perfume to stir up user attraction. Apple had done something in resemblance of this. Though it remains yet a tasty dish on Opera’s menu to keep customers frolicking in. Though when it comes to broswers, Opera is still wearing just slippers, when Safari and Internet Explorer are wearing tuxedos. But then with features coming in the beauty of built-in ad blocking — as well as integrated awoof VPN free of charge launched in its developer browser — opera could soon become “hour-glass” attractive to users once again.

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