PieMessage: The gap between iOS and Android shortens.

If you use an iPhone then I’m sure you know what iMessage is; for those of you who do not, it’s simply a messaging app for iOS devices – well, until now. Last week, a developer brought a pet project of his (dubbed PieMessage) to lime light and boy, am I wowed?! Basically, what this app does is let you send and receive iMessages on your Android device like it was any other messaging app.


There are a few cons though: The major one is the fact that you need a mac to serve as a mediator(so to speak) between iOS and Android. It get further complicated as this said mac has to have a static IP address; else you’d have to recompile the app whenever you change IPs.

The remaining setbacks are just app limitations themselves; like:

  • The fact that you cannot view pictures currently
  • You can view but cannot send group messages

Apart from the above, the app is pretty good – or so I see; I can’t give a definitive response until I’ve had the chance to try it out myself. It is even sends the notifications to your Android’s lock-screen and to make the whole thing a complete diabetic trio, it has zero lag! I’ll let you watch the demo video yourself:


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcoX-uiDNs4]

Impressed? The developer (Eric Chee aka bboyairwreck) posted the source files on Github recently and adding a note in the read-me urging developers to help improve the app and add functionalities to it before it becomes available to the general public. If you’re a dev and you know what you’re doing, you could head over to github and try this app out – you’d have to compile it yourself of course, then you could decide on whether to join him or not. Github repository here. Hope this works out though.

Side note: Why hasn’t Apple developed something like this since forever ago? Hmmph.

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