Microsoft brings kinect-like features to mobile

If you were wondering what Kinect was, it’s a proprietary software that makes use of sensors to track gestures and movements and responds accordingly. It’s like minority report; only less cooler. They tried bringing it to mobile sometime ago but their plans fell through.


This time around, they’re back and I daresay with a masterpiece. Words would not do justice to the headway they made; you’d have to see it yourself, if not in person, at least a demo video should suffice for now.



If you couldn’t watch the video, I’ll give the highlights; but you really should watch the video.

Basically, what this does is take advantage of a bunch of sensors to tell when you’re either hovering over the screen or touching it – it can also detect single touch, multitouch and even gestures – like a flick in the air. Putting all these together, you get a great deal of super cool features like:

  • Controls fading in during a video when your fingers are close to the screen
  • Easier and more intuitive one-handed controls
  • Hyperlinks fading in when you browse the web
  • Flick and clicks can be differentiated quite easily which enhances productivity

Not to go on too much about this super cool – I wouldn’t call it an invention per say, since it has existed in many forms for a while now. From the parent body – kinect, Samsung’s airview, Pranav Mistry’s innovative super small computer, gestures or hands free interaction has been a thing the tech industry has been obsessed with for a while now and for the first time, they’ve made serious breakthroughs and in matter of months or a year, this thing could be commercial.

With this, I would say it’s not too far fetched to say 3D holographic displays are close to fruition. Who knows, we could be living sci-fi movie fantasies soon enough. I can’t wait to get a hold of one of these devices!

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