Apple Music now playing music videos on Android

Apple has made an update to its Apple Music app on Android. This would bring it jumping up to version 0.9.8. The update well initiates support for music videos also including a family subscription option.

Apple Music now playing music videos on Android

Apple Music now playing music videos on Android

“You can now enjoy thousands of music videos on Apple Music—view popular ones featured in New or search for the music videos from your favorite artists,” the Cupertino-based company announced in the change-log.

Pertaining to the Family Membership, the cost comes at around $15 for a month and gives you the opportunity to include a maximum of six members of a family who could enjoy the streaming music service together. We now have a new release of the Apple Music app for Android such that Android users who are not already stuck to Spotify and Google Play. I feel they could find the Apple Music update thing a really interesting prospect.

This fresh version of the app allows Android users accessibility to music videos which are inside of Apple Music, although this set would have been supposedly exclusive to iOS users previously.

We had Apple Music latest update for Android February this year. That update gives users the functionality to save downloaded content to an SD card in their phone. This fresh update for Android comes at a time when Apple is making additions to its content offerings around video in the Music app.

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