Yummy Yummy: Periscope now allows users sketch over live streams

We are always belching to meal after meal from these tech companies. Their engineers for sure are so good chefs who know their onions and codes so well. They could toast these codes into such delicacies that are so mouth-watering as well as “finger-watering” that you can’t wait to get your hands on the products. When you think you have have your feel, another delicious flavor creeps into the menu; gets you salivating that you have to wash your cutlery again to savor it.

Yummy Yummy: Periscope now allows users sketch over live streams

Such is the salivating appeal of this new Periscope feature that allows you to draw your own face over your face, or even make a drawing of clothes on yourself in Periscope. For a month now, Pericope has been trying to weave this feature. Big news it is now available for iOS.


In course of a live broadcast, users will now have the chance to simply tap the screen as well as click “sketch” to start. Although this feature is not that entirely new. I think there is a close feature like this on Snapchat. But then in technology, you don’t have to turn a new leaf, you can simply borrow that leaf from a rival. So this is surely what Periscope’s parent company Twitter is doing. Taking a clue from its competitor armory to fight its competitors. There is no referee whistle against this, no foul.

Even Facebook is vehemently pushing for live videos, as well as its live streams, like Periscope’s, feature heart reactions, even a live map, and then commenting.Of late, Periscope made additions of a viewer graphs for iOS, this way users could have a view of how many people have watched their streams live or the count of people replayed who have replayed them.

It is not mad optimism that I’m hoping that one day, with the rate of digital innovations we are having now, I will be able to download live “Ogbono soup” from the internet. We could get there you know!

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