Play store now lets you know if an app contain ads

Putting our own selfishness aside, app developers need a way to make money from their intellectual handiworks – hence paid apps. But I know a lot of people who DO NOT like paying for apps for any reason; you’re probably one of them too. So these guys decided on a way to make these apps free but at the same time make many from it and voila! in-app ads. Bu these ads can be annoying when they pop up at the wrong time; like when you’re in the middle of a call or a video etc. They also consume data in the background.

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Of course, there are ways to restrict this, but that’s for another day folks. For now, I’m focusing on the fact that Google has added the function of knowing if an app has ads even before you download it. Prior to this, you had to download the app first, before you found out it had apps or if you are like me, you’d go through all the reviews for that app – but you’re probably to busy for that.

And if you were installing the apk file manually, it shows you on that permission screen; if you ever bother to read it that is – most people either just scroll down or click next; they never really read those permissions they are granting these apps.

This really is a welcome change as it would give you the opportunity to know what you were getting into before you even get into it at all. This notification is located right below the download button; where you have the in-app purchases notification. Lemme jus show you:


Something tells me some people will not still pay attention to this notification. Oh well, as much as I hate to say it, they’d get a lot of I told you so’s. Hey, Apple fan boys, does the App store have any thing like this? Honestly, I’m just curious.

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