Apple demands widow get court order to access dead husband’s password

72-year-old Peggy Bush of Victoria had her a bountiful diet of stress following the demise or her husband as she painstakingly got her husband’s pension as well as successfully transferring benefit money, and then the titles to the house and car. Now when she is done with all this rigors, wouldn’t it be deserved if she chooses to relax with her late husband’s iPad; sit back relax, and say enjoy a few card games?

Apple demands widow get court order to access dead husband’s password

Things didn’t play as quickly as she planned: Apple decided otherwise. In course of things, it turned out the iPad had an ID and password set up, unfortunately Apple was not planning on allowing her access to it so easily. Then she got across to Apple by means of a call providing the iPad’s serial number, as much as a death certificate, yet Apple was not satisfied nor convinced.

“I finally got someone [from Apple] who said, ‘You need a court order.’ I was just completely flummoxed. What do you mean a court order? I said that was ridiculous, because we’ve been able to transfer the title of the house, we’ve been able to transfer the car, all these things just using a notarized death certificate and the will,” Bush complained to news agency CBC.

Peggy with her late husband

Most fortunately, CBC got in touch with Apple for comment on this story, and at the end a representative made a call through to Bush back so as to resolve the technical disorder.

Apple must have served this woman too much for her relish: a court order for your late husband’s Apple password; hah, this must be the Jet Age. All this she had to go through just because she wanted to play a bit of Free Cell.

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