Apple asks court to make Samsung pay $180 million more in patent dispute

Just in the span of a week and some days following the wholesome payment of more than $548 million which Samsung made to Apple for violating the patents and designs of the iPhone, Apple has strictly demanded a US court to coerce its biggest smartphone rival into the payment of even more however inconvenient.

Apple maintaining its stand

Apple maintaining its stand

In court papers filed on Wednesday, Apple had made the formal accusations that Samsung Electronics owes nearly $180 million in the form of supplemental damages and interest.
These further damages have their connection to five Samsung devices which had infringed Apple’s patents and were sold following a 2012 jury verdict which faulted Samsung as liable in the controversy.

The dispute which has been sprawling across ages tracks back to 2011, when Apple had sued Samsung with the allegations that the South Korean electronics company had performed solid violations of its patents as well as copying the look of the iPhone. In the aftermath of the 2012 verdict, Samsung suffered the eventual order to make the payment of $930 million to Apple.

In May, a US appeals court had chopped off an estimated $382 million from that the supposed total, on the grounds that Cupertino, California-based Apple could not procure protection for the phone’s appearance via trademarks. Samsung had delivered the bulk of the judgment tailing at $548.2 million to Apple on December 14.

In a case that has been the legal representation of the global smartphone war, Apple and Samsung will have possible more battles in time to come. Another trial over remaining damages connected to the appeals court decision is billed to proceed next March in San Jose, California federal court.

Samsung has also submitted its appeal to the case to the US Supreme Court. The company had released their statement that Apple was been paid compensation far more than Apple was supposed due to patents on designs of the iPhone’s bezel, front face as well as application icons. The high court must first make the decision between the options of accepting the case for review or not!

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