Twitter Files Patent for Tweet-Controlled Drone

It has been well famed for some time now that personal drones are graduating into the “next big thing,” as such the reality now is, the time is ripe for connections to be woven between them and our daily internet expeditions.

A flying drone

A flying drone

Twitter appears to be the first to take the cudgel and step up in the social networking dimension of this, as the company has filed for a patent for a drone which boasts interaction with Twitter accounts, as well the drone owing its controls to tweets.

The patent with the title of “messaging-enabled unmanned aerial vehicle,” was first filed in June of this year and had gained publication last week. For the purpose of clarity, the patent makes doesn’t really ascertain as to whether Twitter would be manufacturing its own drones.

Rather, it made description of a UAV which had the capacity to take videos and photos, and then give Twitter users the ability to share the content via tweets. The other feature had the description of having Twitter functions, which includes likes, replies, and retweets, being employed for as instructions directing the way which the drone flies, or even instructing the drone on what photos/videos to take.

The truth is at the moment, it’s quite difficult to figure out how this would fit into in a real-world environment, and then we extensively make consideration as to its being safe. But there is one grain of information that could give us a clue of which way Twitter intends to make use of the technology. The patent has made mention of making use of the drones for telepresence as well as live video interviews, this certainly could turn out to be a perfect match for Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app.

Then again, another insight into this points out the possible eventuality that this may lead to a revolutionary new way to share and take selfies!

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