Microsoft let people vote for its next game and they chose a word game

Microsoft Word Game

Microsoft Word Game

Microsoft came to agree that fans should choose what Windows’ next casual game would turn out and today the votes have made their choice: it is going to be a word game.

Your thoughts on this are conspicuous: you feel it is not going to be very exciting, don’t you?Going by the definition of this, it is going to be a casual game — something in the likeness of being dry for which it is possible for the user to pick up and put down, something that’s not really going to impress you or even need extensive learning. Do you necessarily think chess or Hearts would have been any more exciting? Okay, but from a neutral angle; I feel this could be better as not everyone is interested in the technicality of chess for example.

"Lets" is definitively termed illegal.

“Lets” is definitively termed illegal.

Microsoft didn’t really specify what games it would particularly put in its Ultimate Word Games collection, but then its logo has the look of a little Scrabble-y, so we could point that out as a solid chance (although, neither SY or LP are in the Scrabble dictionary, so from a technical perspective “Lets” would be an invalid word; I guess this could prove sufficient explanation as to why it’s sort of messily placed).

The inclusion in the collection supposed to be “several word games, multiplayer tournament modes, and new daily challenges every day.”

Crowd input doesn’t terminate here. Microsoft still has the doors open to suggestions on how it builds the game. Anyone who joins a beta testing group will have the opportunity to try out early builds, and even make suggestions as to game types, and then possibly offer feedback on how its general performance. I wouldn’t mind if someone suggests changing the logo to contain all legal words.

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