Nintendo’s first smartphone game will let you buy clothes; coming in March 2016

With the title of “Miitomo”, Nintendo’s first mobile game will now carry the inclusion of user avatars and then give players the opportunity to make purchase outfits for their

Nintendo smartphone game

Nintendo smartphone game

During an interview with The Wall Street Journal’s Japan RealTime, creators of the smartphone game laid emphasis on the importance of communication between players or “Miis”, opening the door to a unique shared experience.

The game will have its release in March 2016 for both iPhone and Android devices.
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Yet in face of assurances by Nintendo that the game will come with “a distinct Nintendo feel” and set its target on both entertainment and games, it will majorly focus on online chatting between friends as well as players. Added to this, one of the first in-app purchases which users can access will be items of clothing for their characters.

Japan’s Nintendo had delayed for a while, the much-anticipated launch of its videogame service for smartphones by some months to March 2016, letting gaming fans down as well as investors who sank investments on its shares down by more than 10 percent.

Under a strategy which got its announcement from its previous chief executive, who suffered cancer and consequently died earlier this year, Nintendo had made revelations it would introduce its first smartphone games by the end of 2015. Fans and investors had hoped it would make the inclusion of its best-selling videogame franchise Mario in the first lineup.

Chief Executive Tatsumi Kimishima, a former banker who succeeded Satoru Iwata, disclosed the delay would give Nintendo the much needed time to focus on selling its existing consoles and game software during the year-end holiday season.

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