A delicious $1.5 Million is yours if you can hack the iOS 10

How good a hacker are you? How good are you at burrowing into a computer system with codes. How good are you at seizing sovereignty from computers with troops of code? Are good are your coding retinas, how well can you see the loopholes in a computer security system?

A delicious $1.5 Million is yours if you can hack the iOS 10

The reality is the stakes in the bug bounty game and vulnerability acquisition are really springing miles up. And now a famous security startup has put up $1.5 million as a bounty reward for any guru who can excellently carry out a remote jailbreak in iOS 10.

The payout is coming from Zerodium, a company with an established reputation of buying exploits and vulnerabilities for top notch platforms as well as applications. The company operates with a set of standing prices pertaining to the information whose purchase it makes. This cuts across exploits and bugs for platforms like Android, iOS, Flash, Windows, and a number of the foremost browsers we know. For some time now the elite category of rewards had a maximum of $500,000 for an iOS jailbreak. But now all that is being renewed big time as the company Zerodium had released announcement that it has multiplied by three the standing price for a hack of the iOS to $1.5 million.

The change closely follows the deviations embarked upon as to the changes in the security of iOS. Coming with the release of iOS 10 earlier this month, Apple maintained its neat culture of bringing on defenses that introduces much more complexity in exploiting the OS.

When it comes to security of mobile operating systems, the iPhone’s iOS is generally approved as OS the boasting the highest level of security rocking the reputation of being the most complex mobile OS to hack. We all know Apple spends judicious time, exhausts a fat purse in improving iOS security gradually across its years of existence. Thus $1.5 million is fair enough pay for such genius.

We really wish it is one of our Justnaira readers that wins the eraser for the iOS 10 hack,

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