Tutorial:How can I Enable Split Screen in Android Nougat for Any App I like

It is really refreshing the way Android Nougat rolls on a pretty collection of fresh changes to the mobile OS. One really particular one among these newcomers is the native split screen. But then one seeming difficulty is that it demands developers to enable the feature before it kickstarts operation. This actually in a way makes a number of these apps incompatible. No sweat though because just as any Android, Justnaira will always bail you out right? And this one is pretty easy. Let us get rolling!

The beginning step in this task is enabling Developer Options, in the case where you actually have not done this before. After this, move straight into the Settings menu, by pulling down the notification shade more than once and then clicking on the cog icon.

Good, now roll down till you get to the “Developer Options” entry, if you have seen it click on it.

Let me say we have here a number of options in this menu, yet don’t get lost in them. After all, we are searching for just one, and moreover it is not hard at all finding this: all you need do is scroll all the way through to the bottom. What you should see in the last entry is “Force activities to be resizable.” Alright, this is actually what we are after. So proceed to tap the slider appearing next to it.

So when you enabled this, you will now be required to restart. You actually have to do this for the benefits to reflect. When you are through with that, carry on and test what you have done. Before this string of changes you just enacted, apps that weren’t compatible with split-screen mode, after now should rock fairly well with split-screen mode.

Let us however not forget that the results may not be very very cool and lovely as the reality is you are actually forcing an app to take on a feature it basically wasn’t enabled to do. But then in majority of the cases we have tried, it was pretty successful.

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