Fear not BlackBerry users, the QWERTY keyboard isn’t leaving anytime soon

It is well official now that BlackBerry will terminate the exercise of designing smartphones whose OS use its BlackBerry-skinned version of Android. The reason behind this is that the Canadian ex-phone maker will now engage in outsourcing phones from other manufacturers, one of which is Alcatel.

Fear not BlackBerry users, the QWERTY keyboard isn’t leaving anytime soon

Via means of video interview featuring Blackberry’s CEO, the person of John Chen, confirmation popped up that BlackBerry is putting things in place to roll out another smartphone which will be sporting the famous BlackBerry keyboard possibly in the next couple of years.

The BlackBerry which is yet to be announced carries the name of the DTEK60 bearing a physical identity close to that of the Alcatel IDOL 4S, the latter particularly designed by Alcatel. For now, we can not precisely point out the phone maker who will design the upcoming BlackBerry carrying a QWERTY keyboard, but taking a clue from the smartphones, it will be difficult naming any mainstream smartphones (Okay except the BlackBerry Priv) that presents a complete tangible QWERTY keyboard.

This is quite ridiculous as about some years ago, many smartphone users were quite hesitant to migrate to full touchscreen. BlackBerry nourishes ambitions to cater for this particular sect of smartphone users who don’t joke with the satisfying feel and solid touch feel of a tangible physical QWERTY keyboard.

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