By March, Google will shut down Picasa

A development not entirely sudden

Google made announcements some time earlier today via a blog post its plans to terminate support for its Picasa photo storage service when March sets in. Beginning from March, the company will close the shutters of the Picasa desktop app, consequently by May, Picasa web albums will cease to be editable.

By March, Google will shut down Picasa

By March, Google will shut down Picasa

Certainly Google is pushing forward its home-made Google Photos app as a solution to Picasa, with the technical perspective that in the situation where people have a Picasa account, “the easiest way to still access, modify and share most of that content is to log into Google Photos, and all of your photos and videos will already be there.”
But then as to the category of persons who don’t have the preference for Google Photos, Picasa albums would still maintain their existence on the web with access available via download; deletion would also be possible.

Back in 2004, Google acquired Picasa back in for a takeover fee not necessarily disclosed back then, in an move to maintain stiff competition with other hot web properties reigning at that period, such as — wait for it — Yahoo as well as Microsoft’s MSN website; for user attention. Then by 2005, Yahoo had acquired Flickr (which has not gone down yet) despite the strong need for Yahoo to put in more effort to maintain the relevance Flickr in face of a fast-evolving tech attitude of users in recent years.

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