Top 10 Common Mistakes New Bloggers Must Avoid

Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.
Morihei Ueshib

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
Albert Einstein

The two quotes I quoted above are my favorite and I use them as my watchword whenever I make mistakes. Learning is done by making mistakes, although we all love to do things at ease without making mistake but mistake happens because it’s part of life and a teacher.


Learning from mistakes is the most important thing, but endeavor not to make the same mistake twice. We must also learn from mistakes made by others to be wise.

A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.
Roy H. Williams

You can also join the wagon of wise people that learn from smart men mistakes. Below are some top common mistakes made by new bloggers, you need to be wise to avoid and prepare for such pitfalls.

1. Bad Design and Layout

Try to make a good blog design and layout, don’t add too many widgets (it will slow down your blog, only add the widgets that are essential), make your blog easy to navigate and make it neat. Bad blog design and layout is irritating to readers and likewise to search engines bot. Save yourself from designing stress, hire me for a professional blog design. Click Here for more info

2. SEO Implementation

Search Engine Optimization popularly referred to as SEO is important for your blog, so you must learn how it works and how to stay in line with search engines rules. SEO also helps in writing correct post title, description and hyperlink for your post. If you want organic traffic from search engines, then SEO is a must.

3. Subscription List

Some bloggers harm their blog by their refusal to build a subscriber list for their blog. Building subscribers list let you retain your blog visitors. Provide your blog visitors a subscribing means such as email subscription form, Facebook fan page, twitter etc. Try to install social networking widget on your blog so that your blog visitors would be able to easily share your post with their friends.

4. Domain Name

Another aspect most new bloggers overlook is the domain name aspect. Some newbie’s start their blog on blogger free blogging platform, so their blog address will end up with You need to get a domain name for your blog so that you will still retain your bog readers and stats in case you want to move to another blogging platform in the future.
I can help you to get a Domain Name and configure it with your blog for a fair amount. Click Here for more info.

5. Posting Plagiarized Contents

Most bloggers don’t want to be creative at all, they venture into blogging because they see the earnings summary of some top bloggers and they want to quickly make theirs by copying and pasting contents of other bloggers on their blog without knowing that search engines will outsmart them. At the end they will be disappointed when the results they expect were not achieved.

6. Interact With Readers

Interact with your blog readers often. Reply to comments and emails to increase blog interactivity.

7. Promote Your Blog

Promote your blog often. Don’t be shy to promote your blog wherever you can. This can be done by commenting on other bloggers blog, forum posting and guest posts on other related blogs. Make sure you don’t spam using this means.

8. Fear

Fear is another factor that needs to be considered. A fearful person finds it difficult to succeed as such person will only follow the crowd. Follow your intuition; don’t be scared to try something different from other top bloggers.

9. Giving Up

Never give up even when you are the only one viewing your blog. Every top blogger also experience that when they started. Keep on experimenting, blog with passion, learn and am very sure one day you will shine. Its requires patience and persistence.

10. Niche

Starting a blog in a niche you know nothing about is the worst mistake you could ever make. Blogging in the wrong niche will only make your blogging moments frustrating since you are not good in the topic you ventured into. Don’t choose a niche because someone told you it’s a profitable one, there are other profitable niches you can go venture into and be successful. Another problem is creating so many blog to make much money. But the simple truth is that most top bloggers started with a blog and then implement the strategy that brought them success on others.

These tips has helped me, I learn most of them from my own personal experience and some from other top bloggers. I believe they will help you as it has helped me and others to avoid major pitfall as a newbie.

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