I Will Help you to Change your Blog from .blogspot.com to Dot Com

Are you interested in changing your blogspot.com address to a top level domain name? I can assist you with that if you don’t know how you can go about it. When I started this blog on blogger, the address I registered for was www.justnaira.blogspot.com, so later I bought a domain name and changed it to www.justnaira.com. If you go to my formal URL (www.justnaira.blogspot.com) you will be redirected to www.justnaira.com. So if you’re interested in changing yours, I can assist you.

Advantage of Getting A Custom Domain Name

• It will make your blog rank well on Google.
• It’s a prerequisite to get approved on Google adsense program
• Your blog address will be memorable for readers.
• Your blog will sound professional.
• You won’t lose your blog traffic when you move to another blogging platform e.g. WordPress.
www.justnaira.com sounds better than www.justnaira.blogspot.com, and many more advantages.

Will I Lose My Readers If I Change My Domain Name

You will never lose any readers for changing to a custom domain name. Whenever your readers visit your old blog address, they will be redirected to your new blog address.

How Much will it cost me?

I will help you to set up the domain name and configure it with your blog for N3,000.

How Will I Make Payment For This?
If you choose any of this plan, just go to Guaranty Trust Bank and make a payment to our bank account.
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Name: Fapohunda Olusegun
Account Number: 0049355128
After payment, send notification “Change My Blog Name”, “Your Phone Number”, “Your Email Address” and “The Name You Use To Pay Into Our Bank Account” To Our Phone Number Or Email Address.
Our Phone Number Is : 08150498422
Our Email Address Is : [email protected]

Give me a call after payment so that I will tell you the next thing to do.

….your custom domain name will start working the same day you pay for this service.


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  1. I will save the page so that i can easily contact you when i want to change to custom domain.

  2. nice post here.. am also planning to get a custom domain..what do you think about my blog @ kelvinenter.blogspot.com

  3. Does moving to a custom domain increase traffic automatically because my blog traffic is not encouraging.

  4. Nice info,will contact you to change my blog to .com

  5. @Pavan Deshpande, You will lose all the backlinks pointing to the subdomain.

  6. Pavan @(pavanh)
    Hi ,
    Thank you for a nice post , i started my blogging with subdomain and now i moved to custom domain i just wanted to ask you on moving from subdomain to custom , whatever backlinks which were achieved from subdomain will it be lost or redirected to custom domain

    Waiting for your reply
    Thank you

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. @Osor Ray, we accept direct payment and payment via Liberty reserve

  9. Good work, must payment be done directly or any other way to paying this money

  10. @Onu Cyprian, yes it will still work.

  11. Onu Cyprian says:

    will my real .com domain still work with google blogging, without hosting it with a web host if i pay for my domain?

  12. @Aaron Dutchman, you don’t need to learn anything, you will still be using blogger and nothing will change except your blog address that will change from blogspot.com to a custom domain name. N3,000 is equivalent to $20. This fee will cover the domain name registration and the configuration.

  13. Aaron Dutchman says:

    But I just learned how to work with blogspot.
    If i change domain,dont i have to learn all over again how the software and editors and all that are working on the new domain?
    Thats my biggest concern.

    Ps,how many dollars or euros is N3,000 ?

  14. @Jerry Praise, you will need to renew your domain name yearly.

  15. What is d validity of d [email protected] domain name purchase? n will dere b a subsequent/continous payment 4 it?

  16. @Okachi Azubuike Johnson, try and focus on a blog and later you can adopt the strategy you used on others and make sure you tell others about your blog, this can be done by commenting on other people’s blog, forum posting and any other strategy that you think will work.

  17. Okachi Azubuike Johnson says:

    Olusegun Fapohunda, I am a regular visitor of your blog. Your blog topics are very informative but the problem I am having with my blog is getting visitors. What do I do? I have been having o visits everyday. Please checkout my bogs and advice me. http://nairablogtips.blogspot.com, http://mswordtutors.blogspot.com and http://www.makemoneyonlinebuz.com

  18. @vincent tilu, try and get a domain name for your blog and make sure your contents are original before submitting it to adsense.

  19. vincent tilu says:

    do u think my site http://torrentsking.blogspot.in/ is ready for submitting in adsense?

  20. @haulage biz, to be candid, a total of 15 visitors per day can't make you enough money. Try and improve your site visitors by posting on forums with your site link as the signature, comment on blogs that are related to your niches, use social medias, tell friend about it and any other strategies that seems best to you.

  21. haulage biz says:

    i really dont know how to qualify you.but good work.good job here.
    i have a blogsite http://www.containerhaulagers.blogspot.com. i pull a traffic of 15 visitors per day. do you think i can make money with this?

  22. @Pst. Emebu Blessing You’re welcome Pastor.

  23. Thanks for this expo, i truly love the whole of your setups, i have learnt something from you. it is nice coming around your blog.

  24. @Anonymous No, you will still be on blogger, but you will have a custom domain name.

  25. does it mean changing it from blog to website?

  26. @ Seun, If you read this post very well, you will see that changing it to a custom domain name is of great benefit.

  27. Is it advisable to change my blog. Please reply.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Great service, i will contact you for mine. thanks

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