Google makes announcement of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Google is splitting its premium YouTube Red service into two: YouTube Music streaming service which is accessible to users for free with the inclusion of ads or for a price of $9.99 a month as well as a YouTube Premium for original content videos at the monthly price of $11.99.

YouTube Music happens to be the proper competition that Google has to Spotify. It comes with a “a reimagined mobile app” plus a new desktop player designed precisely for music. Google says that the advantage YouTube Music has is that it will bring together all official versions of songs having access to multiple playlists, remixes, covers, live versions, and music videos. The AI technology of Google will also be incorporated into YouTube Music app and Google assures that songs can be found by lyrics or general description.

Finding music has been made exceptionally easy in YouTube Music as the home screen of the app animatedly recommends new listening options on the basis of your history, location, and activity. Also, Google is accentuating its diversity of playlists as well which could be used to suggest new music for the user. YouTube Music includes background listening, downloads. Those who are subscribed to Google Play Music already get YouTube Music as an inclusion. Although, this doesn’t mean that Google Play Music is off the charts. YouTube Music will be released beginning today.

YouTube Premium on the other hand, will get everything YouTube Music has and also an access to the YouTube Originals library of content video. Google says it will widen the Originals selection to include movies and series, dramas, reality shows, and more. In YouTube Premium, there are no ads and users can play videos in the background and also download them.

YouTube Premium is the new YouTube Red and Google will not be making existing Red subscribers to pay the new higher price.


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