YouTube Music soon to get Google Play Music’s major features

The new YouTube Music is Google’s big attempt to create a subscription streaming music service that will be able to stand out as a competition to Spotify and Apple Music. At the moment, it is being launched on Android and iOS, however, this sudden release means that it will take some time before every Android and iOS user will be able to make use of YouTube Music. For the time being, Google Play Music is not going away yet. Elias Roman, a product manager for both Google Play Music and YouTube Music said in a comment that, “Nothing will change about Google Play Music in the near future.”

Google once said that it would make sure enough notifications get to users when it does happen to make big changes. It does seem as if a move to YouTube Music is inescapable by everyone that currently makes use of Google Play Music. Google’s T. Jay Fowler stated that with time, playlists, collections, as well as preferences will soon move over to YouTube Music from Google Play Music, and with time as confirmed by Google, YouTube Music will take upon all the major features of Google Play Music.

The current goal for Google is to move GPM subscribers to YouTube Music by 2019. Although, it seems as if Google is not making a move to see that happen any time soon, therefore, that target may be pushed back a bit. Roman commented that when it does happen, all the key features of Play Music will have been added to YouTube Music, in exclusion of cloud uploads which will carry with it the capability to purchase music rather than renting it per month.

Apple permits its users to upload music that are hard to find through either Apple Music an iTunes Match subscription at $24.99 a year. Google cloud on the other hand is also another place to store music that may never get on Spotify and with Google cloud, storage is free. About 50,000can be uploaded and there would be no need for any monthly fee. It is also easier to correct Google’s infrequent mistakes and force an upload of a track that it falsely matches with something on Google Play Music.

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