You will soon be able to search Snapchat Stories by content

Hello Brethen, snapchat is making life much more easier by making Snapchat Stories searchable. According to the announcements released by Snapchat, the giant social media has revealed that users have now gained the capacity to deploy the search bar we see on the main page of the app precisely the top of the main page.

With the search bar, you could look for anything that you desire in a story. So let us assume that you type something like “Ambode”, stories which concern Ambode will now pop up so you could watch them. This is really very nice because many times you would wish to watch some videos connected to some particular keywords but you may struggle at reaching such videos. This will be a huge addition.

How does Snapchat make this happen? Well to realize this functionality, Snapchat does classify stories into categories using machine language. One of such means is analyzing the time, visual elements as well as caption text. This comes after Snapchat absorbed Vurb a search app. This feature will be extended to Nigerian users soonest.

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