Cheat Sheet for Facebook Image Sizes on the Web [Infographic]

Facebook has a variety of images across it’s platform. Graphic designers, brand managers and social media experts work diligently to create highly-engaging images to populate each of Facebook’s channels.

Personalized profile photos and cover photos will help you create a strong presence for your brand or company, however when it comes to shared images, page posts, videos and ads, you’ll need to continue to provide consistently high-quality images.

TechWyse created the below infographic to help you stay on top of every recommended image size and dimension for Facebook. The Facebook Image Sizes and Dimensions Cheatsheet below is the definitive guide for every image from company pages to page posts and ads.

Some of the most recent changes include the design of business pages, the recommended dimensions for event response ads and the maximum upload size and durations for videos ads.

There are a variety of image sizes and dimensions you might not even be aware of. For example, shared images have the recommended upload size of 1200x630px, while shared links have the recommended upload size of 1200x627px and shared videos 1200x675px.

This infographic is also filled with tips and advice to ensure you are able to meet each of Facebook’s requirements. You’ll be able to see the character limits for text above and below sponsored posts and in the details of videos and events.

As well, you’ll be able to see how images will be displayed on mobile. For example, page post links have the recommended image size of 1200x628px but will display as 560x292px on mobile. It’s important to keep in mind that images smaller than 470x246px, it will automatically render as a thumbnail, and neglecting to upload the correct dimensions could lead to Facebook choosing the centre part of your image.

Check out the below infographic to learn more about Facebook’s many image sizes and dimensions.

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