Have you noticed that Twitter doesn’t count usernames inside the 140 characters limit anymore?

The truth is many of us have been complaining about the strangulating boundary of Twitter’s 140 character rule. Especially for those of us that want to sequel our autobiography on Twitter. It is actually relieving that Twitter has been making tiny pushes to ease the 140 character restriction. Have you noticed the last one? Have you seen that of late when you tweet, the usernames are no longer included in the 140 character count? Yes that is official!

Twitter no longer counts usernames among the 140 word character anymore. The implication is tasty. This means the tweet boundary becomes little more spacious for you to squeeze some more words into when you are conversing with Twitter users, and then this translates to more space when you are replying in all these group chats.

So this means that when you are replying someone, against the customary procedure; instead of thee person appearing in the text of the tweet itself, the name will now be rather shown on top of the tweet. This way you are allowed more characters to air your mind. This update has already kicked off in iOS as well as Android even on the website. Enjoy!!

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