You don’t like the name and icon of your Android app…no problem; change it with Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher

Most times on our phones, we want that complete sense of ownership. Although we didn’t produce the phone, at least we have bought it, haven’t we? Having paid the brideprice of our phones in its purchase we become entitled to the complete rights of a husband to the phone, how the phone is dressed even choosing as far as even customizing the name and icon of the phone to our taste.

Of course you will agree with me that there are times when you don’t like the name of an app especially on your android phone and you would want to change the name of the app,even down to changing its icon. For such conditions, one of the perfect apps you can use on your Android to change the name and the icon of the app is the Arrow Launcher Android app.
This app was designed by Microsoft. This aforementioned feature of changing the name as well as the icon of the app comes as a recent feature of the app . “Customize the icon and name of individual app – Just long press on any app to change it,” the change-log for the update had explained.

The ability to rename apps and icons of apps is not all, the recent update announces the feature to add a fresh backup as well as a restore feature. You have the option of deploying this feature in saving your app layout and settings. Of course this is very helpful in conditions where you could decide to go about re-installing Arrow.

And last of all, the updated Arrow app also rolls in the features of some wallpaper-related enhancements in addition to some bug and crash fixes.

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