Naija Learn: A whole Samsung leader could face arrest for bribery and corruption

In our country, corruption is becoming the normal. Persons who steal thousands are made to face the brunt of the law- probably for not stealing enough as those who steal hundred of millions in government houses are adorned. The arms of the law seem handicapped getting to the rich and mighty, they are miles above the law.

Not so everywhere though as a figure as mighty as the leader of Samsung has been boldly accused of corruption as a warrant for arrest of Samsung leader Jay Y Lee has been served by the South Korea’s special prosecutor. Accusations facing the Samsung leader ranges across making extrajudicial payments termed corrupt running into $50m to an acquaintance of President Park Geun-hye.

Mr Lee has accended the leadership of Samsung in a de facto capacity following the incidence of his father taking ill after suffering heart-attack.

The special prosecutor’s office has leveled accusations against Mr Lee for doling out bribes to the tone of 43 billion won ($48.7 million) to a number of companies which are strongly connected to Choi Soon-sil, who is a friend of the President currently embroiled in a separate corruption scandal.

Evidences available to the prosecutors reveal that Ms Park and Choi had divided profits acquired bribery payments.

This is mightily impressive as this is the rich and mighty getting caught here. Samsung as we know it is the biggest producer of smartphones in the world as Samsung’s revenue is equivalent to 17% of the economy of South Korea running into $308 billion!

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