You can now get Super Mario Run on iOS…but no awoof

Hurray people, Super Mario Run is all yours; live on the App Store . The sad thing however is that there is no awoof this time as it comes at a price of $9.99. For so long we have been waiting for Super Mario Run on our mobile gaming platforms. This strongly indicates a dedication of Nintendo in a push to restore its famous back catalogue of video game characters for our relish in the mobile niche.

You can now get Super Mario Run on iOS but no awoof

Super Mario Run is typified with endless running. This maintains the culture of players controlling Mario in its renowned side-scrolling platformer environment, this time with a single control: tap to jump. The set up is reasonably simplified yet it does look too down taking to mind that this will be Mario’s debut video game appearance,

The game comes in three different major modes. One of these modes the “World Tour” gives you the opportunity to play solo climbing through 24 levels in six worlds; another mode “Toad Rally” allows you the avenue to you challenge your friends’ times to race through specific levels; and lastly we have the “Mushroom Kingdom” which allows you to customize and create your very courses. You would need to earn currency in the first two of these modes. This will now able to access the third mode, even as much as unlock as many as five other characters.

Rather unfortunately, this game needs an internet connection all the times. When you disconnect a pop-up appears which terminates you from playing, get yours and enjoy!!!!

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