Facebook can’t stop “Giraffing” at Snapchats work Facebook: Copies Snapchat’s Camera

Facebook’s most recent push to copycat the tremendous the success of Snapchat is now being rolled out on Messenger. Facebook standalone messaging app at present now boasts a camera front as well as a center coming stuffed with many of those features we had known and loved on Snapchat.

Aided by this camera on Messenger, you can now draw absentmindedly over your photos or even videos by means of your finger, with the added capacity to add emojis, stickers emojis. You can also add real-time masks and also enhance your selfies with effects even stylizing your creations with the likes of filters we have in Prisma. Facebook has actually started rolling this feature on its Android and iOS platforms.

Well, we can say this addition to Messenger is one audacious move by Facebook to fetch volumes of users from Snapchat by striking at the core of its appeal. Just some few months ago, Facebook Messenger made the remarkable achievement of a billion users. This enthroned Facebook inarguably as the most adopted communication software globally.

Thus we can say Facebook is trying to solidify its appeal by transporting famous Snapchat features to Facebook-owner corresponding app. This in Nigeria is giraffing and is examination malpractice. But would Facebook ever be indicted?

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