Yahoo Introduces A Fresh, Flickr-Powered Image Search

Yahoo Introduces A Fresh, Flickr-Powered Image Search That Returns Your Own Photos.

Yahoo has made public an upgrade to its image search engine. With this new developments in place, there is now included a combination of web results and images sourced from its photo-sharing site Flickr, this would amazingly include your own photos. The service is designed in such a way that signed-in users will be able to view desktop search results offering a combination of Flickr’s top public photos, images from people whom you already following on Flickr, as well as a pick from your personal images.


Yahoo will only pick from your own personal photos if you have images in the situation where some of personal photos have relevance to your search. Surely, the company will not out-of-the blue publish your private photos when others type in a related query bearing similarity with that you had typed. Photos still will acknowledge and work with your already put-in-place privacy settings.

The Yahoo image search experience is kind of similar to the redeveloped user interface Flickr which was brought out out in May well across its mobile and online properties, which also returned search results having their source from these identical three categories (people you follow, public and personal photos.)

Well added to this, says Yahoo, searchers will be now have the opportunity to make use of advanced filters alongside their query, something in the likeness of color and size, example, in addition to this, they will be able to filter via means of usage by choosing the suitable items from the “License” drop-down.

A new feature added to this is the “more images” button which will be appearing on each category of Flickr image results linking straight to for more photos. Here is the solid prospects of an increase in the traffic sent to Flickr – this will surely prove needed at a time when the site seems stuck in its struggle to keep hold of its leadership status in a new era where it now stuck in fierce competition with Apple’s iCloud/Photostream as well as Google Photos, which have the added benefits of being built-in or deeply integrated into users’ most frequently used cameras: which now happens to be their smartphones.

The new Yahoo image search feature is live now for U.S. desktop users only and will surely be coming to naija in the nearest interval. So be preparing your dining table to enjoy this Yahoo meal! The change comes just a brief while after Flickr had launched an updated iOS application which now makes good use of iOS 9 features, and also introduces support for 3D Touch.

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