Facebook Launches Music Stories

Surely it is safe to accredit sharing music as one of the true pleasures of life. But then there is that strangling difficulty as to knowing which of your friends makes use of which streaming app as the market is getting stuffed with bursting competitors. This is why it has become a great relief when Facebook has introduced a way to share new tracks without even having to leave its newsfeed. 


You now have the option of taking a link from Apple Music or even Spotify and then share it within Facebook. It will at once switch into a new module by the name of Music Stories such that everyone of your friends will have the avenue to listen to a 30-second preview of the track you have shared.

This is well compatible with both singles and albums, with the addition that it beautifies the post with the touch of the album artwork just as much. Your friends will now be able to click through on the link should they use that specific service. Just for iOS though While it is in the playing mode, you will see an animation of a disc spinning round – it looks awesome in the news feed and bringing back memories to us of an old-school vinyl record.

For now, well it is unfortunate that it is only available in the iOS app. Facebook did not really reveal any details for Android or desktop. This feature is pretty appetizing so I think it will be tastier if it extended this to desktop as well. But then there is that slim yet significant possibility that Apple would prefer to restrict this new feature just to those on iOS devices.

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